Shipping Policy

Peach Fuzz Entertainment ("we" and "us") is the operator of ( ("Website"), a Leading Entertainment Venture which will also sell Customized Merchandise like Hoodies and Caps now. This shipping policy is made for the execution of the orders of such Merchandise.

You can place the order through this website now and go through these shipping terms and policies below carefully. These are provided to ensure both parties are aware of and agree upon this arrangement to mutually protect and set expectations on our service.


  1. Delivery Procedure
  • Once we receive your order, our system will process it, then your products will be monitored thoroughly to ensure that they are in the feasible condition.
  • Subsequently, they will go through the final procedure of "quality check" before they are packed and submitted to our trusted shipping partner.
  • Finally, our delivery partners then will deliver the merchandise to you as soon as possible. In case, they will not able to provide your product at the required time, or are unable to reach or find your address, they will contact you for clarity.
  1. Product Availability

Subject to the availability of the items, we try to maintain adequate stock counts but in some instances, there can be a stock discrepancy and we will not be able to fulfill the orders of all thegoods at the time of purchase. In such a situation, we will complete the dispatch of the available number of products to you, and contact you about whether you would prefer to await the restocking of the back-ordered item or if you would prefer for us to process a refund.


  1. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated according to several products and the destination where they will be delivered in the order, the shipping will be mentioned when you buy the item. Shipping payment will be collected with the purchase.This price will be the final price for shipping cost to the customer.


  1. Estimated Time of Delivery

We dispatch our orders within 5 business days of confirmation of order date. Our warehouse operates on all working days during standard business hours, except on national holidays, but during these days also, we try to ensure that shipment delays will be kept to a minimum.

The estimated delivery date will be mentioned when the customer places the order of the merchandise


  • Domestic Transit Time

In general, products are shipped to domestic customers within 2 - 7 days.


  • International Transit time

In the situation of International orders delivery of goods might get delayed due to obvious reasons like logistics, public holidays, weather conditions,etc.


  1. Goods Out Of Stock

If the product goes out of stock, we will dispatch the in-stock items immediately and deliver the remaining items once they will be available in the stock.


  1. What if the Delivery Time Exceeds

If the delivery time will exceed the forecasted time, you may contact us so that we can conduct an investigation and will prevent such inconvenience in future


  1. Tracking Information

Upon dispatch, Fuzz Band will give the tracking information through which customers will be able to follow the progress of their shipment based on the latest updates made available by our shipping provider.


  1. Damage to the Products in Transit

If you find that the parcel is damaged in transit, please contact us, we will check it and if the damage is caused from our side, we will dispatch the fresh order.


  1. Duties & Taxes
  • Import Duties & Taxes

For international shipments, import duties & taxes may be required to be paid. We will pre-calculate these costs and display them at checkout and will give customers the choice of pre-paying the duties and taxes or choosing to pay them separately upon arrival in theirdestination country. Fuzz Band encourage customers to pre-pay duties and taxes as pre-paying these will facilitate a faster delivery time and will be less likely to be subject to delays at customs at their destination country.

If you refuse to pay duties and taxes upon arrival at your destination country, the goods will be returned to us at the customer's expense, and the customer will receive a refund for the value of goods paid, minus the cost of the return shipping. The cost of the initial shipping will not be refunded.


  1. Insurance Policies

All our Parcels are insured for loss and damage up to the value as decided by our company policies

  • Procedurefor the Parcel Destructed in Transit

We will process a refund or replacement as soon as our shipping partner will complete an investigation into the claim.

  • Products Lost in Transit

We will process a refund or replacement as soon as the shipping partner will complete its investigation and declare the parcel lost.


  1. Customer Support

For all the inquiries, support, or any issues, just drop us an email at,

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